About Me

It is intriguing when you let me capture a moment of your life. In return I will give it back to you. Forever!

In my photography I have the freedom of breaking the rules. I follow my instinct and I pour my soul and heart into my images.

Camera has always been my fellow-traveler and record-keeper. Picture-making satisfies my curiosity of the present moment, framed to be preserved forever. The moment often missed by others while rushing through life.

When I bought my first digital camera the pace and intensity of my passion caught me totally unprepared. Smoldered artistry grain that was denied existence unleashed mighty creative power upon me. Now I perceive the world I see and capture in my photography differently. It became fascinating to strip an image to its simplest elements, to experience how a line or a shadow provokes the imagination far beyond the eyes can see and more importantly, allows you to search for a story, emotions and feelings frozen in a frame.

I love photographing people and the beauty of human body in motion. That’s why I focus on portraiture, dance, performances and sports competitions.

I am deeply captivated by the culture of the First Nation and Inuit people. I preserve the beauty of a culture that has existed on this land for millennia.

Whether the prettiness of a ladybug or the significance of an event, photographs should make you slow down, take a breath and feel.

I know I have done my job when looking at my images your eyes light up.